De Anza CIS18b: Advanced Linux

Apparently I can take this class in the Winter season. I'm going to Silicon Valley Adult Education while concentrating on developing my fluency in Flask, Python, Git, Ansible, Terraform, AWS, and Vagrant/Virtualbox. I got the comment thread from my question to LinkedIn's DevOps group bookmarked. In this comment thread I ask how to get the experience you need to get a DevOps job since there is no entry-level for configuration management and CI CD experience.

DJ Hixxy - More and More | is blocked.

Most of my stresses are over. I blocked forever. I got Gishida dawning on me at the sober living house 08/20/19. Nothing but GED, Fitness (we want to install a punching bag there), and solid LinuxAcademy routines. We're into Python :)

42 days of Strattera | missing DEFCON 27

OK. So by day 42 of Strattera (generic atomoxetine) I can feel better dimensions. I saw pictures of DEFCON 27 from someone on my Facebook last night (it came to my attention because he checked in). All the pictures look amazing the scene there looks really cool. I wonder what a ccTLD hacker from the late 90's could do in that setting. Anyway, I really like my domain it is a really bloggable site. My traffic is around 11.8m.

Job at mall? Or something?

I need to get versatile and maintain out there. I'm considering working at the mall or something while I do this #techsearch because #SSI is not enough money to sustain off of. I'll be honest I don't think Strattera is helping that much it has its disadvantages. It makes me super exhausted I sleep in until like 12 o' clock easily. Maybe better ways of living come out of lower opportunities so I am considering all avenues to DevOps.

Week 4 Linux class

2 more weeks of JR LINUX at DeAnza. Lots of women today neglected to talk to an awesome looking woman at the library she seemed she would have been receptive as I have good looks. On the bus I caught one chick peeking at me I shoulda been like "peek a boo" or something clever and witty (anything but petrification) but my inability to face fears and go for women makes me apathetic. That or i feel apathetic. I'm not assured of a hire at Samsung for that matter. At least I'm maintaining a A in my first class in over 10 years.

A fury waiting to be harnessed - HealthTap

Just applied for DevOps @ HealthTap. I've been inside their Palo Alto office before, gave an older copy of my resume plus bro fist to an employee there. I sold myself the best I could and will have LinuxAcademy going in two weeks for skill ups. None can stop me. I went to the Social Security office today and they approved my SSI so I will have a little bit of money to improve my skill if Strattera would start working!

Looking for a starter room and stable gainful 9-5 as a former worldwide 🌐 ccTLDist

I'm on 30 days notice with Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center that means I need to find a new place. Bethany (my Gardner case worker for FSP) has said that I am covered for rent for 2 months until my SSI kicks in. I see the SSA on the 24th at 9:00AM to address my need for disability. I'm also interviewing with Samsung here in San Jose which may mean I don't need to take disability again. I can be a "disabled in tech" class of worker on Strattera.

Strattera puts a big ol' smile on my face.

Well dudes life rolls on I have to take this job at SAMSUNG if I get hired I will announce. Nobody else has interest and only SAMSUNG has maintained the relationship without ghosting or severing the interview early despite what I say/do. So it is safe to say they respect personality at Samsung. To prep myself I've been studying the CI CD process repeatedly so I have a good understanding of release to production concepts.

Day 16 atomoxetine. ccTLDs and Curtner Studios!

Whoa. I am feeling the after effects of Strattera's concentrated peaks this morning. I feel definitely capable but no inclination to dive into Linux/Python just yet. No curiosity for code or desire to start driving a car has developed yet. Believe me though when the drug kicks in full I will be very active in productivity.

Atomoxetine 40mg day 6!!!

I am starting to feel its effects in a more pronounced way. I am doing my chore for 5 points at Evans Lane after this blog post. I have to do 5 points per week as per their structure. All in all I need to find employment so I can tell Judge Manley's court to graduate me. I am opting to put off graduation so I can have shelter in the Bay Area.

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