Strattera and the effect of DEFCON

We saw a picture of the CIRA's NIC's networking rack and got an amazing sensation of perspective. It was for DevOps and it had DEFCON's effect to it. Going to get my high school diploma with my SSI $330 a month plus food stamps $190 a month. I'll be doing Ansible, Terraform, Python, Flask, Git, and Jenkins mastery on the side whenever I can. I have to go to four NA or AA meetings per week per my Sober Living Home's requirements.

We're back! #SVAE | DJ Hixxy Taking me Higher 🎶

I'm going back to adult school b/c with SSI and EBT I have the resources to get the diploma. There is some Python I can do for Daniel Wood on the side (scraping Instagram for trademark infringement) that I already have progress on so I'm just going to continue that. It will take maybe 2-3 years to graduate Silicon Valley Adult Education but i got 7 units already plus i did CIS18a: "Intro to Linux" at De Anza college. I'm back! gotta go to SVAE take the assessment tomorrow :) #ccTLDrockstars #DEFCON #hacktheplanet

atomoxetine 80mg - day 26 (day 1 on 80)

I am kicking back listening to some music at my local Starbucks getting ready to receive a big SSI backpay. I am thinking of selling my Dell Inspiron 5482 laptop to get the HP Envy 13" with nVidia graphics and a core i7. I still have not found luck in getting a job I don't "fit the mold" they are extraordinarily strict in hiring people. Even showing some personality like using emoji/saying "wanna" or "hella" will get you rejected. It is a tough beat.

Ideas to code in Flask + NodeJS

The best thing I can think of to code is something that lets you publish your thoughts, ideas, graphics, or videos like Facebook notes but better, perhaps with some CSS styling themes (custom via marketplace), user accounts, your own subdomain, etc. I wonder what I can make with this combo. NodeJS can probably make for some exciting smaller components of such a platform for publishing. I was going to make a simple IRC bot or nslookup AJAX tool, but that isn't very original.


Today at Gardner, why I like LinuxAcademy (Dan is finally wrong!)

Gardner's drop in center My life in a nutshell

"Doing a #blog post for dankchronic.com this will be the picture for it. I am #finishing #probation for Judge Manley aim to #graduate for expungement.

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